Michael Kox

kox100 [at] michaelkox.de

location: Hamburg (Germany)
1986‑89apprentice as an industrial purchasing manager
study of folklore/European ethnology, English philology, history at the university in Kiel (without final certificate)
2013‑15apprentice as a qualified IT specialist for application development
Occupation: "developer" (for newsletters)
1993-97 politically active in the green party and at the university; main point: social policy
((Feb. 01 - Mar. 02: for a year I was again a bit active in the green party.
Today I am still a member of the green party.)
1999I began the work on the proposal in www.mitbestimmung.eu/english
since 2001I am a member of Attac
since 2017Aktive member of Goliathwatch